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The Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates, Inc. is structured so that professionals with related interests can join. Memberships follow the calendar year, from January to December.


“I have been a member of SGNA since January 1992, almost 17 years! In that time, my professional and personal growth has greatly increased. The gastroenterology specialty is one in which the best growth comes from professional peers. Being a SGNA member all these years has enabled me to have easy access to quality publications, educational resources, professional certification and exceptional networking with professionals in the same specialty. Along with these professional opportunities for growth, the personal growths and leadership qualities obtained from being involved on a local/regional level have far outweighed any monetary costs for this membership. Being involved with the gastroenterology professional organization, SGNA, has truly enhanced my nursing career.” — Dorie Werner, RN BSN CGRN