Florida’s First Coast Regional Guidelines:

Subject:  Florida’s First Coast SGNA Officer’s representation at the State and National Meetings; along with requirements for the House of Delegates (HOD)

Review:  SGNA immediate past President- done on a yearly basis

Purpose:  To define representations of the President and President-Elect and to spell out the reimbursement/payment that is required for these officers to represent the region at the state and national meetings. These guidelines will also discuss the reimbursement/payment of the other officers attending the state and national meetings.

Classification and Responsibilites:

  1. The President will represent the region as the delegate at the HOD meetings held at the national meeting in May.
  2. The President-Elect will be the alternate delegate for the meeting in May in the event that the President is unable to attend. It is required that either the President or the President-Elect attend due to the fact that reference hearings, voting and business meetings are held during the meeting in May; and proper representation from each region is required.
  3. A local spring meeting will be held prior to the national meeting in May as to determine the membership quorum on the issues/resolutions being presented in the HOD.
  4. The President should vote as the wishes of the member of the region, not their own personal views. Their own personal views may be voiced at the reference hearings as long it is known that it is their own personal view not the view of the members.
  5. The President-Elect will attend the leadership conference held in Chicago in the fall unless they have attended it within the last 5 years. It will then be offered to a member who is committed to a future leadership role as President of the region.
  6. The Treasurer/Secretary is not required to attend HOD. They are welcome to attend the meetings but cannot vote on any of the issues that are presented.


  1. The President and the Treasurer/Secretary shall be reimbursed for or have the national meeting in May paid for on the regional credit card depending on what is easier for that individual. This shall include the cost of the meeting, airfare, and hotel. It shall also include if the meeting is held on the west coast requiring an extra nights stay.
  2. The President, President-Elect, and Treasurer/Secretary shall be reimbursed for or have the state meeting in September paid on the regional credit card depending on what is easier for that individual. This shall include the cost of the meeting and hotel.
  3. Since the state meeting is held within driving distance the cost if gas will be reimbursed.
  4. All receipts shall be submitted within 30 days of attending a meeting for reimbursement.
  5. Each member shall have their own room for both state and national meetings unless there are limited funds and then every effort will be made to share rooms or the individual will be required to make up the difference.
  6. Any optional course offered at the national meeting in May or state meeting in September will not be reimbursed. These courses are optional and will be paid for at the individual’s own expense.
  7. Membership to any SIG will not be reimbursed by First Coast SGNA. This can be paid by the member wishing to join a SIG
  8. Reimbursement/payment by credit card will be granted to the Treasurer in even years and in odd years for the Secretary.
  9. If a members tuition and/or expenses are paid to attend a meeting and the member does not attend and no one is available to take their place then the member will need to reimburse the region unless it is due to illness or emergency.
  10. Members who have tuition/expenses scholarship to a meeting are required to assist with any regional responsibilities at the meeting as set forth by the President or President-Elect
  11. Any questions regarding the above should be brought forth to the membership, who will in turn discuss and vote on any changes brought forth as long as bylaws are being adhered to.

Responsibility by Officers on a state level: 

  1. The President and President-Elect shall likewise have duties and responsibilities on the state level as well.
  2. The state meeting in September that is held in conjunction with FSG shall be a part of the duties shared by the members of this region. See Addendum to denote First Coast Responsibilities to 1999
  3. If it is the requirement to attend various planning meetings for the state meeting, this shall be determined necessary and travel pay will be granted by reimbursement for gas.

Uses of Letterhead/Stationary:

  1. All written correspondence shall be done on official e SGNA are members if and only if they pay their national dues. There is no longer a Regional member. This is keeping in compliance with the bylaws of the National Membership
  2. For further details on membership, please refer to the National bylaws regarding membership

All officers must be in good standing with the region by:

  1. Actively participating in the functions of the region such as participation in the state meeting
  2. Being present at 3 out the 4 business meetings held f throughout the year
  3. National dues have been paid and the officer is an active member through Nationals

When a special seminars are held for the good of the region

No legal document may be signed by anyone other than the President of the region. Only after the intent of the seminar has been reviewed by the members. Anyone other than the President assumes all financial liability for the amount of the contract.

These guidelines were the result of the member’s wishes and shall be reviewed every year by the past president. Any changes shall be first taken to the member’s and reviewed at a local level and voted on.